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Maki Hesabi, who owns a jewelry store in Mohseni Square in Tehran, has been active in the jewelry business for 28 years. In Iran, he had a gold store branch in Mirdamad and another branch in Niavaran, which was closed due to immigration to Canada, but the Mirdamad branch is still active.
Maki Hesabi is one of the few gold sellers who does the production and sale of jewelry from A to Z and a number of skilled jewelers work in his workshop. These jewelries are displayed in his shop window after production. He, who has been putting the idea of turning silver into jewelry on his agenda for many years, says about the formation of this idea, “In the first years of my activity, I realized that we in Iran are behind the rest of the world in the silver industry. So that, silver in Iran is usually used only in the form of traditional and old jewelry, and we do not work on jewelry on silver and turning silver into jewelry at all. For this reason, I tried to start this.”
Maki Hesabi is the first jewelry maker in Iran to do this by taking ideas from the best models and designs in the world, as well as using the ideas of the jewelers of hesabi.canada company

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